Commercial Drone Services

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Who are we?

Centex Drones provides high-resolution drone imagery and aerial data collection services to the construction, insurance and real estate industry.  We are a woman-owned business headquartered in Austin, Texas employing FAA licensed commercial drone operators and experienced digital post-production editors to acquire and provide the timely information you need for your projects.


Centex Drones is not an insurance adjusting or real estimate inspection firm, and does not employ insurance adjusters or inspectors.  We provide improved onsite data-gathering capabilities to adjusters, engineers, inspectors, real estate professionals and others working in the building industry.

FAA Licensed Operators

Why it matters

Improve your operational efficiency

Commercial drones allow safe and efficient collection of high-resolution imagery for evaluation of damage, construction progress, and baseline investigations.

Centex's solution for insurance and construction inspection leverages safely operated drones, compliance with FAA requirements, and the ability to integrate aerial imagery with on-the-ground observations.


Centex provides valuable support to adjusters and inspectors for thorough, timely and accurate acquisition of decision-making data.  Our operators can provide real-time images on location, and product turnaround is typically 24 hours.


Reduce risks and add confidence

Centex enables jobs large and small to move faster with less things to worry about.

By relying on our licensed pilots and commercial experience, you can eliminate the need to climb on physical properties, more quickly gather damage and measurements, and inspect in all conditions.


Make decisions with sound data

By moving faster and increasing the amount of data collected, you and your teams have more time to build out the cases and evidence needed for success.

Centex improves underwriting by accurately determining conditions, allows you to analyze properties over time, and opens the door to vantage points and resolution otherwise impossible to capture.


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